No One Can Cease Mr Domino!

No One Can Cease Mr Domino!

A screenshot of Mr Domino approaching a car

This assessment was initially printed in Play difficulty 37, July 1998


sound like a sport for individuals who put on furry, zip-up slippers and huddle beneath tartan blankets, however truly it’s a quite addictive (if quick lived) psychedelic domino laying extravaganza. Earlier than you flip the web page belly-up laughing, simply take a look at the screenshots – they’re completely beautiful and if this sport had a center title, it’d be ‘originality’ – a phrase you may’t affiliate with the overwhelming majority of releases.

PaRappa The Rapper grabbed consideration and to a lesser extent, the identical may be stated for Mr Domino. Enjoying it’s easy, however mastering it takes persistence, dexterity and a smidgen of luck. You play a cute domino chappy, who’s carried alongside a predetermined course and the concept is to put down dominoes at particular factors with a view to create chain reactions. Hitting sure switches triggers off amusing cut-scenes (these loopy Japanese), however for those who handle to hyperlink each change with out stumbling over one of many many obstacles in your path, you’re rewarded with a particular ending for the extent.

A screenshot of Mr Domino about to be intercepted by an enemy

Every course is successfully a observe, in order that after making one circuit you come back the identical level. It’s unlikely that each change will probably be triggered in your first jaunt, so there a loads of time-extending First Help crosses dotted round guaranteeing that you are able to do just a few laps to finish the stage.

Sadly you solely get to manoeuvre Mr domino left and proper, there’s little else to do aside from modify his velocity, as every little thing is on rails. It’s nice enjoyable for some time, however there are solely six levels and we completed them fairly rapidly. The humour in every stage makes you chortle at first, however the impact quickly wears off after you’ve watched it just a few occasions. There are bonus tiles, together with Quick Ahead, Gradual Ahead and the annoying Reset tile, however nothing can disguise the short-lived problem that Mr Domino represents. Though it’s authentic, gorgeous to have a look at and good enjoyable to play, now we have doubts about how lengthy you’ll be enjoying it for.

Tom Sargent

Seems: 8
Sounds: 7
Gameplay: 7
Worth: 5
Topples: 7

Total: 72%
Authentic, however lacks lasting problem

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