Bethesda flat-out denies Fallout 76 goes free-to-play

Bethesda flat-out denies Fallout 76 goes free-to-play

There is a shaky rumor going round as we speak that Fallout 76 is imminently getting ready to transition to free-to-play. This appears to be predicated on some type of retail improvement. EB Video games in Australia is seemingly pulling copies of Fallout 76 from retailer cabinets.

This has led to hypothesis that Fallout 76 shall be become a free-to-play product within the very close to future. Not so says Bethesda. Responding to a message on Twitter, Bethesda firmly states “There isn’t a reality to this rumor.”

To be clear, Fallout 76 very a lot appears like a recreation that may ultimately go free-to-play or require a subscription. Though it did not launch with the identical monetization mannequin as The Elder Scrolls On-line, Fallout 76 looks like it may observe that trajectory — a recreation that transitions into one thing extra service-based with common updates. However a mere two months after launch? That is unquestionably too quickly. Whoever began this rumor has an itchy nuke-launching finger.

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