Closing Brightburn Trailer Preps Us for Unstoppable Evil

Closing Brightburn Trailer Preps Us for Unstoppable Evil

Final Brightburn Trailer

With the superhero horror flick hitting theaters on Friday, Display Gems has rolled out their last Brightburn trailer. It’s basically simply repackaged footage of all the pieces we’ve seen marketed earlier than, however strung collectively it appears to land a way more devastating blow.

The ultimate Brightburn trailer begins with the waitress we’ve seen in footage earlier than locked inside her restaurant’s walk-in fridge. She gruesomely pulls the glass out of her eye solely to have Brandon blast by the thick metallic door defending her and assault.

In the course of the waitress’ demise, we hear Elizabeth Banks’ Tori Breyer pleading with Brandon, saying “No matter you’ve completed… I do know there’s good in you.” The audio may be very clearly from two completely different sources, however the that means is similar. She’s shedding her aspect to no matter evil resides inside him. And as soon as he’s gone fully, we’re all screwed.

The police are actually on the Breyer dwelling, probably later within the movie. There’s a feminine officer seemingly there to guard Tori as she hides beneath a mattress. It doesn’t take lengthy earlier than Brandon dispatches of her.

We then minimize to a again highway the place we see Matthew Jones’ character freaking out as he’s witnessing a boy in costume floating within the air. Brandon then elevates Jones’ truck excessive into the air earlier than sending it plummeted again right down to face first.

There’s then a fast montage of assorted moments constructing as much as Brandon’s evil intentions. Then again to the home the place one other officer calls Tori out from hiding declaring the world now secure. Nevertheless it very a lot isn’t.

The officer is taken out in a flash, after which we see Brandon flying by his dwelling inflicting mass destruction as Tori screams watching on in horror. The ultimate Brightburn trailer then concludes with Brandon telling Tori, “I wanna do good, Mother. I do.” However one thing tells me he received’t.

Written by Mark and Brian Gunn with James Gunn and Kenneth Huang producing, David Yarovesky’s Brightburn terrorizes theaters Friday.

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