Fallout 76 cannot deal with three nukes directly

Fallout 76 cannot deal with three nukes directly

Presumably probably the most attention-grabbing factor about Fallout 76 is the best way it approaches its end-game content material. Gamers collect fragments of nuclear launch codes and work collectively to push the massive crimson button. Then, a nuke closely irradiates a piece of the map, which uncovers some very excessive stage gear but additionally unleashes some very excessive stage mutated monsters.

The pure evolution of this type of system is that gamers will wish to launch as many nukes concurrently as they’ll. There are three silos, so three is the utmost variety of synchronized nukes. Fallout 76 cannot deal with three nukes directly, although.

Because the video above reveals, this group of gamers aimed three nukes on the similar spot on the similar time. After the trio of mushroom clouds, the server crashed. There is no extremely uncommon loot available right here. Simply one other loading display screen as the sport connects them to a unique server.

Perhaps that is one thing that can be addressed in a future replace. It would be neat to see well-organized squads take down no matter emerges from that radiation gap. However, it is also extraordinarily far down the checklist of issues Fallout 76 must imminently repair.

Launching three NUKES in Fallout 76 CRASHES THE SERVER [YouTube via PC Gamer]

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