Get your first take a look at Mega Man 11’s foolish ‘Balloon Rush’ mode

Get your first take a look at Mega Man 11’s foolish ‘Balloon Rush’ mode

Issues are actually beginning to come collectively by way of Mega Man 11‘s ancillary modes. Just a few months again Capcom type of simply hinted that the sport could be completely full of them, and since then we have solely had a couple of screens to go off of.

Now due to Capcom TV (and ShadowRockZX’s seize of this system under) we’ve got a clearer concept of what they’re going to entail. In the present day’s new clip entails Balloon Assault, which is being showcased on Fuse Man’s degree. The gist is that it’s essential to blow up blue balloons for a excessive rating whereas avoiding crimson balloons that add to your timer — 12 minutes and it is sport over. As ShadowRockZX astutely factors out minibosses and even common enemies are sidelined for this mode. It is principally all about avoiding environmental hazards and hitting as many blue marks as attainable.

Whereas this could usually be a throwaway mode in different video games, I can see myself utilizing this to truly study the format of every stage as I try speedrun information and no harm runs down the road. A few of the placements of clusters of crimson balloons are actually intelligent and mastering them will make you a straight-up higher participant.

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Get your first look at Mega Man 11's silly 'Balloon Rush' mode screenshot