How are you liking Kingdom Hearts III to this point?

How are you liking Kingdom Hearts III to this point?

Kingdom Hearts III has arrived ultimately. Lengthy-time followers can decide up the place they left off again once they had been probably a lot completely different individuals than they’re at this time. First-timers like me are in for a madcap journey.

I have not touched any of the principle Kingdom Hearts video games or the spin-offs. I have not consulted the wikis, and even absorbed any pertinent particulars from the sidelines. Sure, people, it is taking place: I am leaping headfirst into Kingdom Hearts III and I really feel as if I’ve simply jumped with no parachute, Level Break-style. There is not any going again now that Pandora’s field is open, however in a manner, my blissful ignorance is releasing.

I haven’t got to worry over the particulars of the continued story. I am right here for the Disney Stuff, not the Black Cloak Stuff, and I will tolerate a complete lotta well-meaning nonsense alongside the way in which if that is what it takes.

One early revelation got here after I discovered for the primary time in my humble life that Donald Duck is an honest-to-god “magician” in this universe. No joke, that is my start line, which certainly falls within the class of “you do not even know what you do not know.” I watched the Reminiscence Archives story refresher, I nodded alongside to this live-action video on the behest of Ray and Dan, and I am all cozy. It is time.

Whether or not you are completely fresh-faced like me otherwise you’ve been dashing to “catch up” with the sequence in preparation for this fateful day, let’s hear it: how are you getting together with Kingdom Hearts III?

How are you liking Kingdom Hearts III so far? screenshot