How online game narratives ought to preserve extra data behind closed doorways

How online game narratives ought to preserve extra data behind closed doorways


Final weekend, I lastly completed my playthrough of all six endings to 999: 9 Hours, 9 Individuals, 9 Doorways, as a part of the PS4 Nonary Video games assortment. Hopping backwards and forwards to piece collectively a coherent story and discover out why Junpei and co are trapped on this huge constructing was riveting, and regardless of being busy throughout the week, it nonetheless solely took me two weekends to take a look at all dialogue and all attainable finales to the story. And I feel I really feel assured in saying it’s one among my favorite puzzle/VN video games, surpassing titles similar to Apollo Justice: Ace Lawyer and nearly bumping Steins;Gate from the highest spot.

I have been contemplating, as I get began with Advantage’s Final Reward, why I used to be so taken with the story of 999. It appeared refreshing and particular to me, unfolding in a means I had hardly ever skilled with video games in each of the genres it straddles. I’ve heard opinions on the contrary, however I felt that the story was a neat little bundle, devoid of additional frills and story beats that detracted from the central objective of discovering why they have been all there and escaping the constructing. It was lean. It lower the crap.

Actually, I really feel like loads of VNs currently might acquire from slicing the crap. My very current expertise of making an attempt to slog via Chaos;Youngster is a stark distinction. And as a lot as I really like Danganronpa, Spike Chunsoft’s sister thriller novel collection, I might see some areas the place it additionally fell foul of bombarding me with data that did nothing to endear me to the story.

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