Now you can flip Warframe right into a combating sport

Now you can flip Warframe right into a combating sport

It is at all times a deal with when video games aren’t afraid to get just a little foolish and experiment with aspect content material. Within the newest Warframe replace, Digital Extremes has added Body Fighter, an arcade combating mini-game.

There are blocks, grabs, mild/medium/heavy assaults, and even specials.

To play, head to Cephalon Simaris and purchase the Ludoplex for 50,000 Standing.

The preliminary three combatants are Excalibur, Volt, and Magazine, however you possibly can unlock extra characters by discovering Body Fighter Fragments. (They’re out and about.) Additionally, “if the scanned Warframe’s Prime is in your Stock, you possibly can toggle to the Prime model of the acquired character.”

Together with Body Fighter, there’s additionally the side-scrolling Wyrmius and flappy Comfortable Zephyr mini-games. The developer says they’re “accessible by extra secret means, if you understand the place to look.”

Body Fighter Minigame Accessible Now [Warframe]

You can now turn Warframe into a fighting game screenshot