Occamsdex: Detective Pikachu version!

Occamsdex: Detective Pikachu version!

A pair years again, we had a function often known as Occamsdex. It grew to become one thing of a crowdsourced group function wherein customers would select their favourite Pokémon or different online game creatures for our one-and-only Occams to explain from the sometimes darkish corners of his creativeness.

An image and a reputation was all we gave him. What resulted we left just for Occams to determine. 

And now we start anew with the brand new Pokémon film Detective Pikachu in our sights. As a result of let’s face it, even when Detective Pikachu seems to be the most effective online game diversifications to movie, a few of these CG interpretations of our beloved pocket monsters veer into bizarre ’90s Muppet territory.

And with that, I will hand this submit over to Occams!

Occamsdex: Detective Pikachu edition! screenshot