Okay, this is one factor in Fallout 76 that received fastened however ought to’ve stayed damaged

Okay, this is one factor in Fallout 76 that received fastened however ought to’ve stayed damaged

Fallout 76 simply cannot win. It launched as a bizarrely damaged and lonesome mess. Bethesda is attempting to repair it, however gamers found that the weekly patch notes really omitted a ton of necessary modifications that made the sport extra grind-heavy. So, this week Bethesda despatched out patch notes that have been really exhaustive and other people found a repair for one thing that they by no means even knew was damaged.

Fallout 76 has an occasion referred to as “Feed the Individuals” the place gamers congregate at Mama Dolce’s Meals Processing to defend the equipment from attackers in order that rations could be distributed. After efficiently finishing the occasion, each participant on the server is awarded 5 cans of meat stew. This was apparently a mistake. After right this moment’s replace, solely those that participated within the occasion acquired the stew.

Given the subject material of “Feed the Individuals,” everybody form of assumed that it was all the time functioning correctly. There is a pleasant thematic unity to a couple individuals working exhausting to supply for everybody. The occasion’s title suggests it is altruistic in nature. Not so. Fallout makes no bones about its disdain for communism. That logic holds with this really capitalistic tweak.

Individuals are pleading for Bethesda to unfix this transformation. One commenter on the Fallout 76 subreddit has gathered extra upvotes asking for a reversion than Bethesda received saying the patch notes. Or, as one other commenter put it “Lol, good to know essentially the most attention-grabbing quest dynamic was [a] bug.”

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Okay, here's one thing in Fallout 76 that got fixed but should've stayed broken screenshot