One participant thinks Fallout 76 may be hiding a convoluted secret ending

One participant thinks Fallout 76 may be hiding a convoluted secret ending

[Spoiler Warning: The whole lot of this put up comprises spoiler materials in regards to the particulars of Fallout 76‘s last quest.] Fallout 76 ends on an unremarkable notice. The ultimate quest duties gamers with summoning and taking down the Scorchedbeast Queen. “Ends” is a not-quite-applicable phrase right here as a result of Fallout 76 would not actually finish. It retains going, asking that you simply and your mates kill the Queen time and again in pursuit of marginally higher loot.

One participant thinks there’s one thing extra grand and bold on the market. The Queen is summoned by dropping a nuke on the Prime fissure web site, however there are different fissure websites throughout Appalachia. These 13 different fissure websites are the place regular Scorchedbeasts spawn. In a reddit put up, person International_XT posits that there may be a secret ending achieved by nuking all of the fissure websites in a single play session.

It will not be simple and it will not be fast. The plan is to type three strike groups, nuke all of the non-Prime fissure websites (doing so will shut the fissures, basically destroying the nests), after which lastly summon and defeat the Queen. In a Metallic Gear Strong V “disarm all of the nuclear weapons to really obtain international piece” twist, International_XT thinks this lofty purpose will eliminate the pesky Scorchedbeasts for good — no less than on one server.

Fallout 76 would possibly push again, although. Servers have a nasty behavior of crashing at any time when too many nukes go off. International_XT additionally notes that gamers would possibly very effectively disconnect, or the Queen would possibly simply fly off somewhat than battle. Any variety of issues might go improper as a result of Fallout 76 is much from an ideal sport.

Or — and that is most likely the most certainly final result of all of them — there simply won’t be a pot of gold on the finish of this rainbow. It would all be for naught. We’ll discover out quickly, as International_XT is actively recruiting volunteers for the expedition. No matter what occurs, that is the kind of group and adventuring Fallout 76 promised us all alongside.

I am monitoring a secret hiding in plain sight, and I want your assist (MASSIVE spoilers inside) [reddit via PC Gamer]

One player thinks Fallout 76 might be hiding a convoluted secret ending screenshot