Rainbow Six Siege experiments with new punishment for team-killers

Rainbow Six Siege experiments with new punishment for team-killers

Boy howdy, Rainbow Six Siege is an unforgiving sport… and I am not simply speaking in its twitchy, insta-death gameplay. When enjoying the tactical shooter, particularly “with randoms” (to make use of the kidz’ vernacular), you are principally on the mercy of all the things being your fault, and discovering your self on the receiving finish of a workforce kick.

For a sport so reliant on teamwork, Siege’s participant chemistry is, frankly, poisonous as fuck. Ubisoft proceed of their efforts to try to discover workarounds for one of many saltiest player-bases in gaming, with this new experiment altering the best way retribution is dolled out for team-killiers.

It’s extremely straightforward, within the warmth of battle, for a distracted team-mate to wander straight into your line of fireplace and take one to the skull. This typically leads to self-damaging “revenge killings”, the place the participant you took out will then hunt you, their very own workforce member, down firstly of following rounds. A brand new system, nonetheless, will now present the sufferer of a team-kill their demise from their killer’s point-of-view, permitting them to resolve whether or not it was unintentional or spiteful, declaring it as such to the workforce.

If it is determined the workforce kill was intentional, then the killer has “Reverse Pleasant Fireplace” activated, and any additional bullets aimed toward squad-mates will solely serve to kill the troublemaker as an alternative. Ditto for devices, which can now deactivate on impression with a pleasant. Thus, an intentional team-killer is actually unable to trigger additional hurt to their squad, solely the enemy.

It is a fantastic concept in concept, and hopefully this can stop gamers from assuming their brethern gunned them down maliciously. The issue is, it nonetheless depends on them to not be salty, as whether or not unintentional or in any other case many victims will nonetheless be blinded by rage, and be searching for “revenge” within the subsequent spherical. That is the best way Rainbow Six Siege rolls. All the pieces’s all the time everybody else’s fault.

Hopefully this new replace will make some strides towards eliminating in-fighting, which might price a workforce many an intense sport. Honest play to Ubisoft for his or her fixed and dogged efforts to enhance Siege’s on-line sportsmanship. It is simply sadly, on the finish of the day, pricks gonna be pricks.

Rainbow Six Siege is obtainable now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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