(Replace) Splatoon 2 participant hacks leaderboard to inform Nintendo to cease hackers

(Replace) Splatoon 2 participant hacks leaderboard to inform Nintendo to cease hackers

[Replace: Mr. PleaseAddAntiCheat has been banned from Splatoon 2 on-line play. It appears like the primary a part of his want got here true, that simply leaves whether or not Nintendo is taking measures to heed his message in the long run. Of notice is that he made a number of alt accounts to drag off this message, which suggests his primary account could also be untainted.]

No one likes a cheater. They mock the arduous work and time others put in to get to the place they’re. They act as if having drastically higher numbers will make them extra revered once they’ve received nothing however contempt. They spoil the enjoyable for everybody else. However that is one cheater I can get behind, if solely due to their purposefully ironic message to Nintendo.

Reddit person “PleaseAddAntiCheat” has claimed accountability for a latest incident on the Splatoon 2 X energy leaderboards. Their crime was easy: edit their X energy on 4 alternate accounts to say the highest spot on each ranked mode. These accounts spelled the message “Please Add Anti Cheat,” making the purpose of this incident fairly darn clear. The hacker added that they’re okay with receiving bans so long as this provokes Nintendo to take acceptable motion.

In response to the hacker’s put up, Nintendo has since observed and set his X energy to zero. Assuming that one other hacker did not do this themselves, I am hoping this can be a signal Nintendo will work on his want quickly. I loved my temporary run with Splatoon 2 and I am upset to see that cheaters are spoiling the enjoyable for therefore many extra devoted gamers. Each the gamers and the sport deserve higher, particularly those that labored arduous sufficient to achieve Rank X within the first place. And if Nintendo does not tighten their on-line safety by the point their paid on-line service launches, Splatoon 2‘s future will not look a lot brighter.

C’mon Nintendo [Reddit]

(Update) Splatoon 2 player hacks leaderboard to tell Nintendo to stop hackers screenshot