Resident Evil 2 has a couple of difficult trophies

Resident Evil 2 has a couple of difficult trophies

Except for being an all-around nice collection, one purpose Resident Evil has been so enduring is its replayability. Your first run is the warmup, then comes the actual enjoyable. The trophies for Resident Evil 2 (2019) are solely going to assist in that regard, and I am hoping to revisit the remake all year long.

The highway to platinum will embody quite a lot of detours, as evidenced by the earlier-than-expected Resident Evil 2 trophy listing that popped up this week on PSN Profiles. We’ll must survive the terrors of Raccoon Metropolis with Leon and Claire, do it once more on Hardcore mode, and even earn S ranks.

Then there’s bizarre stuff. The challenges that require a deeper understanding of the sport, effectivity, and good old school planning. Can I clear Resident Evil 2 with out taking greater than 14,000 steps? I do not know! However I am curious to see what that deceptively simple pedometer trophy entails.

Here is the complete listing of Resident Evil 2 trophies, loosely sorted by class:

Gameplay duties

  • Do not Want No Stinkin’ Gun – Defeat an enemy with a knife (Bronze)
  • That’ll Maintain ‘Em – Use Picket Boards to board up a window (Bronze)
  • A Vault-like Thoughts – Open a transportable secure (Bronze)
  • First Break-In – Open a dial secure (Bronze)
  • Bon Appetit – Shoot the grenade you fed to an enemy (Bronze)
  • Zombie Roundup – Kill three enemies directly with a sub-weapon (Bronze)
  • Like Skeet Taking pictures – Shoot a zombie canine or a licker out of the air (Bronze)
  • Maintain Their Heads Ringin’ – Paralyse a licker’s sense of listening to (Bronze)
  • Hats Off! – Shoot Tyrant’s hat off his head (Bronze)
  • The Fundamentals of Survival – Mix two gadgets collectively (Bronze)
  • Eat This! – Counterattack with a sub-weapon (Bronze)


  • Hip to Add Squares – Enhance your stock slots (Bronze)
  • A Waist of House – Broaden stock slots to max (Bronze)
  • Customizer – Customise a weapon (Bronze)
  • Treasure Hunter – Utilizing the picture hints, discover 2 hidden gadgets (Bronze)
  • Lore Explorer – Learn the entire recordsdata (Bronze)
  • Vermin Extermination – Destroy a Mr. Raccoon (Bronze)
  • Full Vermin Extermination – Destroy all Mr. Raccoons (Silver)
  • Grasp of Unlocking – Open all safes and locks within the recreation (Silver)

Foremost story

  • By no means-Ending Rain – Escape the police station (Bronze)
  • Hack Full – Full Ada’s Phase (Bronze)
  • A Hero Emerges – Full Leon’s story (Silver)
  • A Heroine Emerges – Full Claire’s story (Silver)
  • Raccoon Metropolis Native – Acquire all trophies (Platinum)

Additional challenges

  • Frugalist – Full the sport with out utilizing a restoration merchandise (Silver)
  • Minimalist – Clear the sport with out opening the merchandise field (Silver)
  • A Small Carbon Footprint – Take 14,000 steps or fewer in a single playthrough (Silver)
  • Hardcore Rookie – Full Leon’s story on “Hardcore” recreation mode (Gold)
  • Hardcore Faculty Pupil – Full Claire’s story on “Hardcore” recreation mode (Gold)

Hidden trophies

  • Welcome to the town of the Lifeless – Make it to the police station (Bronze)
  • Path to the Goddess – Resolve the Goddess Statue puzzle (Bronze)
  • Disguise and Search – Full Sherry’s section (Bronze)
  • A Nice Want for a Bathe – Escape from the sewers (Bronze)
  • One Slick Tremendous-spy – Use solely the EMF Visualizer to finish Ada’s gameplay section (Bronze)
  • Younger Escape – Escape the bed room inside 60 seconds throughout Sherry’s section (Bronze)
  • With Time to Spare – Defeat Stage Four G with 4+ minutes left till detonation (Bronze)
  • Within the Blink of an Eye – Defeat Tremendous Tyrant with 5+ minutes left till detonation (Bronze)
  • Grim Reaper – Full “The 4th Survivor” additional mode (Bronze)
  • Gotcha! – Defeat Stage 2 G utilizing the crane solely as soon as (Silver)
  • Damaged Umbrella – Witness the true ending (Silver)
  • Leon “S.” Kennedy – Full Leon’s story on “Normal” or “Hardcore” with an S rank (Gold)
  • Scorching Scarlet hero – Full Claire’s story on “Normal” or “Hardcore” with an S rank (Gold)

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