Somebody’s making a sugar glider sport

Somebody’s making a sugar glider sport

When your sport’s first bullet level is “Turn out to be the sugar glider,” you may have my consideration.

Away: The Survival Sequence is an episodic journey collection by which animals have inherited the post-apocalyptic earth. Within the first episode, you may play as a humble sugar glider. On high of thwarting predators — that scorpion completely simply stung the shit outta the poor factor! — you may must hunt for meals.

Should you’re something like me, your first query is “who’s making this?” It is a Montréal-based studio known as Breaking Partitions. The group is made up of former Murderer’s Creed, Far Cry, and Rainbow Six builders.

I am undecided how enjoyable this can be as soon as the novelty wears off, however the primary hook speaks to me. If all goes nicely, I hope the animal protagonists of future episodes are as distinctive to gaming because the sugar glider.

It is the closest I’ve obtained to a brand new Tokyo Jungle.

Someone's making a sugar glider game screenshot