Star Wars Battlefront II’s Capital Supremacy mode leans into the Clone Wars

Star Wars Battlefront II’s Capital Supremacy mode leans into the Clone Wars

With DICE making ready to launch its secretive large-scale Star Wars Battlefront II mode on March 26, it is about time we heard straight from the supply what it’s and the way it works. The mode, Capital Supremacy, is a 20v20 skirmish that begins on Geonosis earlier than working its approach onto a capital ship.

Anybody nonetheless clinging to their Battlefield 2142 glory days ought to really feel good and comfy.

The fundamental stream of Capital Supremacy goes one thing like this: seize command posts whereas the opposing workforce tries to do the identical, earn tickets, hoof it to your transport, board their capital ship, override one among two doorways, and plant a bomb to destroy the ship’s important techniques. In case your workforce runs out of tickets whereas on-board, the battle will return to the planetary section and also you’re again to sq. one.

General Grievous in Capital Supremacy

The mode solely works on one map to date (Geonosis), and it is solely playable with Clone Wars-era characters. For heroes, it is Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda, and Chewbacca. For villains, you are caught with Grievous, Dooku, Darth Maul, and Bossk. Capital Supremacy additionally has a brand new reinforcement for both sides: the ARC Trooper with twin pistols, and the BX-series Commando Droid with a vibrosword.

“Along with this, there might be 12v12 AI-controlled items in the course of the planetary section of the battle,” famous DICE. “We made the choice to incorporate AI as a result of we needed to seize the size of the Clone Wars whereas not diminishing your odds of taking part in the enduring heroes. That is much like how we use AI inside Starfighter Assault so as to add to scale and the sensation of heroism as you chop via them.”

I might’ve loved taking part in this at launch! Because it stands, I am taking a look at a data-cap-killing redownload.

Neighborhood Transmission – Capital Supremacy [EA]

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