The fear and triumph in Rainbow Six Siege

The fear and triumph in Rainbow Six Siege

[Soulbow’s ongoing inside joke is that he likes Rainbow Six Siege and among the neighborhood sandbag his favourite sport. So that is me formally breaking the sandbag, if a minimum of for only a day. As a result of right here, he describes a typical sport so effectively. ~ Marcel]

Similar to that, I watched my teammates’ lives finish earlier than my eyes. I noticed from exterior, on a rappel line, as they stacked up on the target doorway. “Do not stack up, you are simple pickings” I grumbled out by means of my mic. They did not pay attention, they by no means do.

Gunfire erupts from contained in the room. A parade of bullets echo all through my headset as I watch the heads of 1, two, three of my teammates snap again as they slumped to the bottom. Out of the blue this had turn into 2v5, all in a cut up second. My different teammate, bless his coronary heart; thought he may catch them reloading as he cowl swapped to the opposite facet of the doorway. Peeking in I watched as his head vaporized just like the numbers in my checking account after payday.


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