Unhealthy Boys three is almost certainly known as Unhealthy Boys for Lif3

Unhealthy Boys three is almost certainly known as Unhealthy Boys for Lif3

There is a third Unhealthy Boys film coming. If you happen to did not know that then you possibly can learn all about it right here, with the one replace being that Martin Lawerence has confirmed that he’s returning alongside with Will Smith.

As a substitute of filling you in on another outdated particulars I will dedicate the remainder of this piece to permitting essentially the most fantastic film title in historical past to breathe a bit.

Unhealthy Boys for Lif3

Actually take that majesty in.



Now, you are going to learn a bunch of articles on the Web about how this can be a horrible title, and changing the “e” with a 3 is cringe-worthy, however these “sizzling” takes are all fallacious. Unsuitable. Unsuitable. Unsuitable. That is the best title on the earth. There may be nothing extra early Michael Bay than considering its badass to switch a letter with a quantity, however Hollywood has been shying away from it ever since Fant4stic, which wasn’t even the film’s official title. Now, they’ve lastly achieved it, until, after all, Sony comes out and says that the manufacturing itemizing for the movie was a lie. 

Till that day, we will rejoice that somebody someplace has absolutely dedicated to changing a quantity with a letter within the title of their multi-million greenback film.  My hat is off to you, Sony. My hat is off.

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